Guide on Submitting a Complaint ▼

Our new Quick Start submission form eliminates unnecessary clicks and makes it that much easier for you to get started. Simply begin by typing in the name of the company or Individual you want to file a complaint against, Then, just let us know if your complaint is against a company, person, or phone number.

This is the total amount of money you've lost.

Tell us when your experience took place. If it occurred over a longer period of time, the most recent date it happened is fine too.

This is absolutely the most important part of your complaint. We encourage you to write out your story and provide as much detail as possible including but not limited to how the incident began, who was involved and how you were directly impacted. You don not however, need to include any of you personal information such as your email address, phone number and personal address.

After you've completed writing your complaint, just click submit and you can see a preview of how it will look.

Preview it and then Submit it! You will be able to preview your report prior to posting, and if you need to change something just ciick the back button. If everything looks good, go ahead and submit it.