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dennis_h   Posted: 08/09/2016   SASID #9Ha3Pcf7Gu

NRG & Associates harassed us with numerous phone calls about hiring them to collect a debt owed to us. Our company finally gave in and agreed to let them try to collect a $100,000+ claim owed to us.
1)They NEVER returned our phone calls asking for updates.
2) They never provided us a contract in writing after we requested it from them.
3) They agreed to a lower "settlement" amount without our authority or approval.
4) When we called for an update on our money, they proceeded to lie to us claiming they were waiting on the company owing the debt to send the settlement check. Months later we found out that they had received the check owed and endorsed the check, made out directly to us, and deposited it into THEIR account, and to this day we've STILL not received a dime.

If you'd like to help us in our suit against them, contact me at

Date occurred: 11/24/2015
Reported Damage: $0.00

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