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Ann   Posted: 08/08/2016   SASID #1qZMdoabCr

James Coile used team viewer thru my computer to steal my email informations and asked me for money. I want my money back.

He is about 58 years old and has one daughter named Lisa. He is widowed. He has two homes, one in Ennis, TX and the other is in Los Angeles, CA.
He told me many lies.
He even asked me for my bank account no.
He has 3 phone numbers which I have. I am enclosing to trace his home address and find him to be arrested.
469-205-3240; 209-437-7551; and 323-577-7519.
He has three accounts with Facebook: James D Coile; James Coile; and Everett Coile with same picture in his profile.

Date occurred: 02/27/2016
Reported Damage: $2900.00

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