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Anonymous   Posted: 07/18/2016   SASID #0LmEfauXQy is nothing but a scam.

They say free shipping in Canada and the US but they are just after your money. Western Union is what they prefer then they ask for additional $600.00. Denis Mullar is the name they are to using and they give their address of 3426 E 135th st. Cleveland Ohio, at phone number 216-800-8928. If you look it up they seem reputable, but they are not, when you tell them no you won’t send any more money they say they will return the money but then end all communications.

My son worked all year long to save for his own puppy and when he found this, he did his research it all comes up legit but all did was steal from him. I have contacted the police, the Ohio police, and the fraud department of Ohio. I have also been in contact with Western Union about the fraudulent name being given and they will now watch for this particular name.

The Police say there is not much they can do, it is more of a civil suit but I wanted everyone to know that it is complete BS and not to fall victim of this terrible fraud. They claim to be god fearing people but they are just scum.

Please don’t fall for this, you will not get your puppy and you will be out hundreds of dollars.


Unfortunate, sucker!!!!!

Date occurred: 02/14/2016
Reported Damage: $0.00

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