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Tang   Posted: 07/17/2016   SASID #

Scammer describe her parent was origin from malaysia sabah and herself is borned raised and is living in UK west Midlands. She requested to make friend thru facebook. Follow after she sent messenger and wrote email to me roughly described that she was a victim of love that her husband slept with most of her friends around and her homemate and is currently filing a divorse dissolution with her with the intention of trying to seize away half of her inherent heritage wealth passing down to her from her late parent. The wealths include properties and 1.5million pound sterling. To prevent the loss of her wealth she says her bank manager and lawyer adviced her to seek help oversea to transfer the 1.5 million pound out of UK by asking me to provide my detials like home address, contact, bank account, passport or idenification card number etc. Initially the scammer disguised herself as someone at 38yrs, with a daughter, have a failure marriage, and looking for a new trusted partner whom willing to love her and build good relationship by all means. Follow after she revealed she wanted to move back to ASIAN and seek my help to provide her information of the place and country I live. Finally she straight to the point that she need help to transfer 1.5 million pound sterling out of UK, and promised me for a fee of 10% of the amount.

Date occurred: 02/04/2016
Reported Damage: $0.00

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