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brian   Posted: 05/26/2017   SASID #1hbE0nquk5

This is a huge scam TEFL recruiting ring operated by a Chinese lady named Rebecca Tang and Rosie Tang (may be the same person). They recruit you for great paying jobs in China $5,000 a month to teach VIP clients. After you spend a ton of money to move to China you are told some shit that you misunderstood them and it is not $5,000 but 5,000 Chinese yuan which is about $800 per months!

Now that you spent $3000to go there you are desperate for money so you take some "temporary" teaching job that turns into a one year contract because you find out she deliberately gave you the wrong visa and she can get you arrested and deported if you make and waves just like all of these victims here

On payday she will deduct a bunch of fake taxes and deposits and eventually you will discover that she is also skimming a big chunk of your salary too. Want to quit and find a real, better-paying job? No problem you can buy your way out of her slavery for $2,000!

This woman almost bankrupted and stole 6 months of my life and caused me to quit a decent job in my country. Warn all your friends.

Date occurred: 03/25/2023
Reported Damage: $6500.00

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