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JJanice   Posted: 06/23/2016   SASID #

Ordered "TRIAL SAMPLES" and paid shipping and handling; approximately 10 days later 2 UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES" show up on my credit card for product and I'm somehow enrolled in AUTOSHIP". I called 1 905 581 5576 to cancel but of course get a recorded message offering a discount and agreement to cancel order/auto ship. Tru Belleza didn't provide me with an email confirmation acknowledging cancellation (how do you dispute if they won't provide customers with documented proof they have cancelled). I wrote down dates and times called - what else can I do if you can't get a live body on the phone - always voice message.

I file a dispute with my credit card company requesting the 2 charges which equal $300 CDN to be removed which they do however Tru Belleza re-bills me and I am now proceeding with a formal dispute to have the charges removed AGAIN!

I check my email this morning 23JUN16 to find another shipment is coming despite my express wishes on the voicemail to no receive any product or additional charges to my card.

This company is an outright SCAM and I have no idea how much money they paid the celebrities to promote this crap. I am beyond pissed and won't even use the trial samples - I will not order any products on-line - if I can't get them where I live I'll do without before I ever put up with this BS! What a colossal waste of time and money for me and my credit card fraud department!

Date occurred: 02/10/2016
Reported Damage: $300.00

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