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Anonymous   Posted: 05/24/2016   SASID #0GS8fnsbhQ

Ordered a sample and was billed for $5.23 which was what I had agreed when I ordered the free sample.The $5.23 was for shipping and handling.My dtr did not like the product so I never reordered.They without my authorization charged my credit card some $145.74 for merchandise that I never received nor had ordered.I contacted them today and they said that because I did not cancel within 14 days of ordering that I was out of luck.They offered to settle for $50.I told him to go and fuck himself that they nothing but crooks.Tomorrow I am filing a complaint with the Ministry of consumer and commercial affairs.! am also contacting my member of parliament.I will again contact my credit card carrier and they have indicated that if not resolved they will initiate a dispute.These people have to be stopped.

Date occurred: 12/31/2015
Reported Damage: $0.00

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