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  Anonymous  Posted: Jul 03,2017

He is on pof as justaniceguytoo. James Everett Coile or Cole in Ennis, TX. Tried to scam me out of $8,800 Phone number I have is 512.359.7139

Date occurred: 03/18/2023
Reported Damage: $0.00
  brian  Posted: May 26,2017

This is a huge scam TEFL recruiting ring operated by a Chinese lady named Rebecca Tang and Rosie Tang (may be the same person). They recruit you for great payin...[read more]

Date occurred: 03/25/2023
Reported Damage: $6,500.00
  ronfisher  Posted: Feb 17,2017

NRG has collected $65,000 from our customer from Jul to Oct/16 and have not reported or remitted anything. They will not return emails or phone messages. I hope...[read more]

Date occurred: 04/14/2023
Reported Damage: $65,000.00
  dennis_h  Posted: Aug 09,2016

NRG & Associates harassed us with numerous phone calls about hiring them to collect a debt owed to us. Our company finally gave in and agreed to let them try to...[read more]

Date occurred: 11/24/2015
Reported Damage: $0.00
  Ann  Posted: Aug 08,2016

James Coile used team viewer thru my computer to steal my email informations and asked me for money. I want my money back. He is about 58 years old and has...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/27/2016
Reported Damage: $2,900.00
  Anonymous  Posted: Jul 18,2016

This is a SCAMMER offering to pay by money order for items on Craig's list; giving various excuses why they cant pick up the item. They then send a (FAKE) money...[read more]

Date occurred: 08/03/2015
Reported Damage: $600.00
  Anonymous  Posted: Jul 18,2016

Family-raisedpocketbeagles.com is nothing but a scam. They say free shipping in Canada and the US but they are just after your money. Western Union is what...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/14/2016
Reported Damage: $0.00
  Tang  Posted: Jul 17,2016

Scammer describe her parent was origin from malaysia sabah and herself is borned raised and is living in UK west Midlands. She requested to make friend thru fac...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/04/2016
Reported Damage: $0.00
  charlanda  Posted: Jul 16,2016

I saw an add for Tru Belleza Skin Care on the Internet. They promised a free sample of Tru Belleza instantly and I would pay the shipping only which I did cost...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/27/2016
Reported Damage: $0.00
  Anonymous  Posted: Jul 16,2016

I was charged 2 x $ 10.- for I don't know anything about to my credit card and without my knowledge, I notified my credit card co. about that and I hope they st...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/27/2016
Reported Damage: $20.00
  101755082861  Posted: Jul 16,2016

Mr. Fletcher called and said he was from Publishers Clearing House and I was selected to receive second place prizes which where 2.5 million dollars and a pearl...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/15/2016
Reported Damage: $450.00
  jay  Posted: Jul 11,2016

I specifically told them when I ordered the samples and they called to confirm my order that it better not be a subscription based product. I argued with the wo...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/05/2016
Reported Damage: $278.00
  JJanice  Posted: Jun 23,2016

Ordered "TRIAL SAMPLES" and paid shipping and handling; approximately 10 days later 2 UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES" show up on my credit card for product and I'm someho...[read more]

Date occurred: 02/10/2016
Reported Damage: $300.00
  zeniakin  Posted: May 25,2016

i have use 300$ on this company and wen ended the days to paymate my money lost

Date occurred: 12/18/2015
Reported Damage: $300.00
  Anonymous  Posted: May 24,2016

Ordered a sample and was billed for $5.23 which was what I had agreed when I ordered the free sample.The $5.23 was for shipping and handling.My dtr did not like...[read more]

Date occurred: 12/31/2015
Reported Damage: $0.00
  anette10000  Posted: May 14,2016

HELLO I AM ANUTA IUGA AND I INVEST 500 $ TO Pay Now limited and i do cash out 1000 $ but it not want to pay me .pay now it company registered in england ,and i...[read more]

Date occurred: 12/15/2015
Reported Damage: $500.00